Relative Humidity sensor

Relative humidity is an important parameter for the health and welfare of a herd. Monitoring this parameter regularly allows the detection of various anomalies that can harm the animals.

This relative humidity sensor is specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of a livestock house. The sensor is both dust tight and shockproof. The sensor is equipped with a filter cap that prevents water ingress, while still allowing the sensor to sense the air humidity.

This sensor is compatible with the SOMO product line. Using this sensor is as easy as plugging it into a SOMO device. The SOMO device will automatically detect the sensor and start registering its values.

Technical specification

measurement range     0.00...100.00% RH
accuracy     ±2% RH (0...90% RH) / ±3% RH (90...1000%)
cable length     2m
connector     4 pin SOMO compatible connector
installation     automatically


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