The SOMO+ is a mobile recording device developed for recording in harsh conditions like in farms. The main addition of the SOMO+ compared to the SOMO is the ability of the SOMO+ to store RAW audio files for post-processing at a later time. The SOMO+ has a storage capacity of more than 4 months of continuous audio recordings. The sound files that are stored on the device can easily be transferred to other storage devices by a simple USB connection. During the measurement period, the status of the device can be monitored from remote.

The SOMO+ is compatible with the different SoundTalks sensors. A single SOMO+ device can simultaneously be equipped with 1 microphone, 1 relative humidity sensor and 2 temperature sensors. Other sensors are available on demand.


The SOMO+ is designed for anyone who wants to record raw audio data in remote locations or on places with harsh measurement conditions like e.g. livestock houses. The SOMO+ redording device is able to able to whitstand ammonia, dust, humidity, ... and the status of the current recordings can be monitored from remote. We want to give the SOMO+ customers a tool to spend less time collecting the data to allow more time for analysing the data.


Using the SOMO+ device takes just three simple steps:

  1. Via an online tool, the user will first schedule his measurements (when does the SOMO+ need to measure what; the SOMO+ has a remote controlled start/stop system and will handle the recordings once scheduled).
  2. During the measurements, the user can control the measurements from remote. (Listen to audio samples, control disk space, check initial results...)
  3. After the measurements, the user can easily collect the data via simple USB data transfer.

Disinfection of the SOMO+ is very easy, as the SOMO device can be sprayed or washed with all disinfection detergents.


The measurement status is visualised via the MySoundTalks visualisation software. When the SOMO+ is connected to the internet it will provide a real-time update of the current measurement situation. When no internet is available, the SOMO+ will perform the preset measurement schedule and all control data will be visualised in the MySoundTalks tool soon as the SOMO+ gets reconnected to the internet.

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